The Jainist View Against Creationism

My husband and I were doing some reading tonight and ran across this brief discourse on why Jains do not believe in creationism.  I like to consider various views and I found this very interesting.  Definitely points to ponder.  Enjoy.

The most eloquent refutation of this (creationist) view is provided by Ācārya Jinasena in Mahāpurāna as thus –

Some foolish men declare that creator made the world. The doctrine that the world was created is ill advised and should be rejected.

If God created the world, where was he before the creation? If you say he was transcendent then and needed no support, where is he now?

How could God have made this world without any raw material? If you say that he made this first, and then the world, you are faced with an endless regression.

If you declare that this raw material arose naturally you fall into another fallacy, For the whole universe might thus have been its own creator, and have arisen quite naturally.

If God created the world by an act of his own will, without any raw material, then it is just his will and nothing else — and who will believe this silly nonsense?

If he is ever perfect and complete, how could the will to create have arisen in him? If, on the other hand, he is not perfect, he could no more create the universe than a potter could.

If he is form-less, action-less and all-embracing, how could he have created the world? Such a soul, devoid of all modality, would have no desire to create anything.

If he is perfect, he does not strive for the three aims of man, so what advantage would he gain by creating the universe?

If you say that he created to no purpose because it was his nature to do so, then God is pointless. If he created in some kind of sport, it was the sport of a foolish child, leading to trouble.

If he created because of the karma of embodied beings [acquired in a previous creation] He is not the Almighty Lord, but subordinate to something else

If out of love for living beings and need of them he made the world, why did he not make creation wholly blissful free from misfortune?

If he were transcendent he would not create, for he would be free: Nor if involved in transmigration, for then he would not be almighty. Thus the doctrine that the world was created by God makes no sense at all,

And God commits great sin in slaying the children whom he himself created. If you say that he slays only to destroy evil beings, why did he create such beings in the first place?

Good men should combat the believer in divine creation, maddened by an evil doctrine. Know that the world is uncreated, as time itself is, without beginning or end, and is based on the principles, life and rest. Uncreated and indestructible, it endures under the compulsion of its own nature.

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3 thoughts on “The Jainist View Against Creationism

  1. In a somewhat different context Paul wrote these words to those in Rome who objected to God’s ways.

    20 Who are you, a mere human being, to talk back to God? Will what is formed say to him who formed it, “Why did you make me this way?” 21 Or has the potter no right to make from a given lump of clay this pot for honorable use and that one for dishonorable? 22 Now what if God, even though he was quite willing to demonstrate his anger and make known his power, patiently put up with people who deserved punishment and were ripe for destruction? 23 What if he did this in order to make known the riches of his glory to those who are the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory —

    • I heard an actual Priest say recently, when speaking on the topic of homosexuality, that if you are talking to someone who believe the Holy Bible was written by God through men, that you should just not even bother debating or explaining your views because no one with that attitude will never be able to be reached. Better off going to Starbucks getting a good coffee and letting it go. But if they realize the writers were just written by men through stories of creation handed down and everything else in the bible may be divinely inspired through “Seeking the Kingdom of God within them and they took the Divine Spirit God the ultimate creators message they received and wrote the bible you stand a chance in getting through to that person. It’s all about Spirit. The one God, who is and has always been, really doesn’t need a starting point and will never have an ending point. By the way, I believe God is big enough handle on our anger, questioning of his will etc. He doesn’t want us to follow him blindly. It’s easier if we have knowledge and are awakened to his truth. Going to church, is going into my bathroom and meditating and saying prayers of just being thankful for all my blessings he has bestowed on me. He knows my needs and provides for them and always will. When a problem arises, I give it to him. I also sit with my husband and daughters and study different parts of the bible and what I believe they mean or listen to what they may interpret it to mean. “2 or more in my name is a church.” We pray often as a family, but do attend church regularly. My oldest daughter does more than the rest of us, but she has also picked up on the mystical and spiritual side of connecting with God. I consider myself a Non-exclusive Christian. Religion is a matter of geography. Think about that. What would you study if born in Israel, Judaism, in India, Hindu, in other countries many other cultures and religions. I do not believe even as Christians we are the only ones who has it right. THE BIBLE OF TODAY IS INCOMPLETE…Put together by Constantine and some Roman Priests ordering the Gnostic’s and Essense’s stories and records. Almost 500 total left out. I believe it was the male being over women thing along with political influences. But, we’ll meet on the other side “Heaven” and are you gonna be pissed because you have forgotten you were a spirit before a human as we all are. Just my lengthy opinion on your response. When I read this, I knew you would comment, because for some reason, you tend to feel the need to stalk Jean and I on both our blog sites. The reason I don’t understand. You obviously want to debate anything that may or may not go against your religious views. Blessings, Simply Sammi

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