The Art of Maya

The Hindu word “maya” is often used in spiritual-speak to mean that which we experience as reality is ultimately an illusion.  Interestingly, not only does maya mean illusion, it also means art.

Life is art!

If reality is nothing more and nothing less than art, it is art you and only you create.  This implies that our lives are our deepest and most meaningful expression of our being, not just some ethereal dream we just happen to be having.  Each one of us is the artist.  Each breath is a brush stroke.  Every thought, every emotion is a color choice.  The depth of our innate talent is as great as our awareness is of our being.  Mindfulness is our muse.

Here’s the amazing thing:  Because Now is and always shall be your moment of inspiration, your moment of creation, the canvas is always clean and waiting for the next brush stroke.

What kind of masterpiece are you painting?

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