“If You are Empty…” — Osho

Buddha says sammasamadhi is aloneness. The right meditation is to be so utterly alone that you are one with the all. Let me explain it to you. If you are empty your boundaries disappear because emptiness can have no boundaries. Emptiness can only be infinite. Emptiness cannot have any weight, emptiness cannot have any color, emptiness cannot have any name, emptiness cannot have any form. When you are empty, how will you divide yourself from others? – because you don’t have any color, you don’t have any name, you don’t have any form, you don’t have any boundaries. How are you going to make distinctions? When you are empty you are one with all. You have melted into existence, existence has merged with you.”


Plea from the Scariest Kid on the Block (Reblog)

Reblogged from:  Plea from the scariest kid on the block


Yet another mass killing. Yet another tragedy. It is terrible. It is horrible. It is wrong.

People are scared.
People are looking for a group to be scared of.
Ladies, gentlemen, other august personages, I am the monster you are afraid of. For my entire life I have been. The reasoning changes, but I always come down on the wrong side of the line. I am always who the media, the talking heads, the papers, now the blogs, who the people you listen to tell me to fear.
And this makes being me terrifying. It makes being me unsafe.
First, it was being an abused child from what they call a broken home. Abused children commit all sorts of violence, you see. We are dangerous and unpredictable because we grew up with violence and that is all we know. We are ticking time bombs, we have no empathy, our dysfunctional unstable home lives have made us fragile at best, cold blooded killers at worst.
So isolate us. Keep your children away from us. Warn every one that we are dangerous because of what our families are like. Make sure that everyone knows that we-not our abusers, but we-are the scariest thing on the block.
Do you remember all the news reports and such emphasizing the terribility of home lives of serial killers and mass murderers during these time periods? I do. I do in great detail-because I remember relating. And I remember staying up nights horrified that they were a glimpse into the only future open to me. I was 9 years old and scared shitless that my only career option was as a mass killer-because the media had everyone convinced that’s what happens to children with childhoods like mine.
And because the other adults around me made it very clear that I was the scariest thing on the block.
I was isolated. I was alone.
Then that went out of vogue.
For about 10 minutes I was safe.
Then another terrible tragedy happened, and they found a new scapegoat, and I was in an even more precarious position than before: the new problem was children and teens who were bullied.
I have been able to write about my parents. I have not been able to write about the bullying I experienced without being too triggered to function. It was that bad. Again, I was dangerous.
Again, people were telling their nice, ‘normal’ children to stay away from the bullied children. Isolating us-making us further targets. And making us more alone. Warning everyone that we were dangerous, the scariest thing on the block again-this time I was scary not just because of my family, but because I got locked into lockers by my peers. We are dangerous and unpredictable because we didn’t have the skills and characteristics to not be at the bottom of the pecking order of middle school.
So obviously the answer was to isolate us more lest we ‘snap’, to fear us and let bullies to their thing, rather than to do anything about bullying. We are damaged, terrifying, violent, dangerous, irredeemable. We are the middle school monsters of your nightmares.
Again, I was the middle school monsters of my own nightmares, too. Literal nightmares, I’m talking. Still everything around me was telling me that because of things outside my control I was destined to go out in a blaze of violence and take as many people as I could with me. That was the career path being offered to me. Never mind that I knew (and still know) exactly nothing about weapons more volatile than bows and arrows, never mind that I am reluctant to physically defend myself, much less be the aggressor, this is what life had to offer me.
Because I was a target, because I was different, I was still what everyone feared. Everyone was telling you to fear me. No one even thought about the bullied kids seeing these news reports. They just knew about you normal folks, and that you needed to be safe from people like me. They couldn’t tell you a single thing about the mass killers except that they were in this one category-so, literally, they told you a single thing-and that single thing was what made them dangerous.
It made me dangerous.
Isolate me. Make me alone. Fear me. Abuse me some more. Make me more dangerous. It doesn’t matter, I am unsafe no matter what you do. The news-all the news-says so.
And now. Now I am 30 years old.
I am still literally losing sleep, wondering if or when that transformation is supposed to happen. I know logically it will not happen. I know I have no interest in hurting anyone. I know the statistics on who actually commits this sort of violence. I know my history is not going to magically impart a knowledge of guns or explosives or a desire to hurt a large number of people. My anger and hurt do not manifest that way, they never have, and that is not going to change.
But now autism is the scapegoat du jour. Now every time someone does something violent, they are speculated to be autistic. And, just as some killers who were speculated to have crappy home lives actually did, just as the Columbine killers actually were bullied, there is a possibility that there will be a mass shooter who is Autistic.
But that does not make all of us dangerous. The immediate speculation makes my blood run cold.
It brings bile to my throat and a panic to my chest.
Have we learned nothing? Have the bullied children and abused children and medicated children and other scapegoats who have done no violence learned nothing? Passing the hot potato is a relief, but it is wrong.
Passing the blame down to another group without power hurts people.
They will be isolated. They will be alone. They will be hurt.
I do not want another child, a single other child, to be hurt by their peers for being ‘dangerous’. I do not want a single other child to be thought a ‘ticking timebomb’ by the adults in their life. They treat you with fear and they treat you with loathing when they are afraid of you.
I do not want another kid loathed because the media decided to pin the blame on their brain. I do not want another child being isolated, gossip about why to steer clear spread through whispers and subtle finger pointing.


I do not want another child to have nightmares like I did-like I still do-of being some sort of sleeper agent who has no other career path because of self fulfilling prophesies. I cannot even explain what this fear is like, and the fewer people who understand it, the better.
This has got to stop.
It’s to late to stop for my sake. The damage was done by the time we got to “bullied kids are dangerous”. But it is not too late to stop for the sake of today’s autistic children.
Author’s comment:  The only thing we need to fear is how we choose to look at the world around us.  Not one of us was or is perfect, and we never will be.  There is no such thing that exists beyond an illusory ideal.  We need to reconsider our knee-jerk reactions.

Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Thank you!

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Congratulations to you all!  You deserve it!


A New Blog: Soul Bulbs

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I’m spinning off a new 365-blog called Soul Bulbs.

Soul Bulbs is dedicated to illuminating what’s good and right in the world.  The hope is to create a new habit of hopeful, creative and positive thinking that will illumine a better world.  As each bulb casts its warm glow, and the dark becomes a little brighter, the idea grows.

Feel free to follow Soul Bulbs if you’d like to see inspirations, stories about random acts of kindness, uplifting videos, cute images, innovators and little celebrations of what’s good in life.

Even better, would you like to be a Soul Bulb?  Submission and guest blogging is absolutely welcomed and encouraged.  For more information, Be a Soul Bulb.  You’ll receive recognition on the Soul Bulbs page and if you’re a blogger you can also display a badge on your blog.

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Mankind: The Hush

I originally posted this a year ago and it ended up being one of my most popular posts.  Because it seemed to touch people I’m going to post it again with my peaceful and happy holiday wishes to you.


Now has come the time for the brief hush that falls over much of the world.  It may not be anything you hear with your ears or see with your eyes.  It’s easy to become lost in the twinkling of lights, the rustling of colorful paper and expectant laughter of children.  But there is a moment that comes — the hush — and in that brief moment we are each given a glimpse of true peace.

It may come in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and the snow is silently falling.  It may happen in the glimpse of golden sunlight through frost-laced window panes.  It can ride on a puff of frozen breath or the warm remembering of a holiday past.  But it’s there — for all of us.

A hush.  A sacred moment.  A sudden silence that envelopes you so deeply you become unaware of anything but that moment; that feeling.  Like a sudden snow fall, it blankets you with the depth of ages as if all such moments past are present and being experienced once again; the breaths of eons held in awe.  Heart touching hearts, mind still as frozen water, you sigh in that moment filled with a peacefulness and understanding unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced; until it comes again next year.

This is the Gift of all gifts.  This is the gift of momentary grace, given to you without expectation.  This is the Touch of True Love.  In that moment, that hush, mankind becomes one and experiences that reality with such humble innocence it can only be held no longer than a breath.

You may not have been aware of the hush in the past, but it’s been there.  It will come again like an unexpected snowflake drifting so softly and gracefully you can’t help but pause to examine it’s exquisiteness.  Watch for it, be in it, and know that in that moment when the hush falls there is true Peace on Earth and Good Will to Mankind.

Happiest of Holiday Hushes to you and yours.

Which Way are You Looking?


The apocalypse has come and gone.  Life goes on.  In my previous post “No Zombies But Welcome to the New Age Folks” I offered a glimpse at the gift this 2012 Dooms Day presented to humanity.  The gift of the implantation of an idea.  The idea of change.

Someone poo-poo’ed this perspective with the question, “have you seen the condition of the world lately?” My inward reply also came in the form of a question:  “Which way are you looking?”  It’s true violence and inequity hasn’t changed on a great scale.  It appears to be worsening.  But I do see something more subtle happening over this last year.  It’s a shift in perspective.  I feel it in myself.  I find myself paying more and more attention to what is right in this world and less to what’s wrong with it.  I’ve heard on people’s tongues, this need to look to another horizon.  One that isn’t so dark.  It’s not always easy to find.  It doesn’t make headline news.  But it’s always there in small gestures of kindness and the beauty ever present in the flora and fauna of this Earth.

Now, this shift in perceiving isn’t going to change the world overnight.  But it is changing people’s motivations.  At some point our distaste for the ills of society will become deep enough that we stop following the ways of the old world that created the ills to begin with.  This is how change occurs.  It’s not some mysterious magical cosmic event.  It’s one person at a time.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” — Mahatma Gandhi

So even though humanity is struggling through the labor pains of its rebirth, don’t forget to look in the direction of what is good and right.  Even if it’s simply taking a moment to revel in the sunrise or the smile of a neighbor.  That will hold the guiding torch of compassion in the darkness of this turmoil and lead us into a more illumined tomorrow.  When you catch yourself or others remarking “have you seen the state of humanity lately?” remind yourself to ask:

“Which Way are We Looking?”

No Zombies but Welcome to the New Age Folks!


It’s 12-21-2012.  No Earth shattering meteors.  No zombie apocalypse.  (Okay, I’m seriously disappointed about the zombie thing.  I’ve been practicing my double-tap for months.)  But, strangely I woke up filled with joy.  This is a rare phenomenon for me.  It takes at least a cup of coffee and a romp through Facebook to stir any emotion like this in me.  So, in honor of this amazing occurrence, I’m putting away my Batman helmet, folding up my bath towel cape and rolling my special zombie double-tapping baseball bat back under the bed.  But I’m still scratching my head.  What exactly did the Mayans and other cultures mean by their end of the world scenario?

Much has been discussed and pondered to the point I think we’re all a little dizzy from it.  However, it seems the conclusion has come down to a common theme.  It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new age.  We are on the doorstep of change.  I have no clue really if some mystical unseen event has catalyzed this.  Perhaps somewhere someone has reset humanity’s karmic debt load and we get to start over.  I don’t know.  But what I can see, regardless of how absurd it all seems, is a tremendous gift that’s been handed down across the centuries by ancient cultures all over the world to us.  Right here.  Right now.

The gift is the implantation of an idea.  A global idea.  One of hope.  One of change.  One of determination.  All this end-of-the-world hoopla has caused a vast amount of people to sit down and consider change.  Can you recall any other time in the history of humanity that one single idea has been on the minds of all of Earth’s population simultaneously?  How mind-blowing is that?  This new world is being born right between our ears!

You can scoff it or dance in the streets.  It doesn’t matter.  The seed has still been planted.  This seed, this beautiful idea, is going to grow.  There are too many of us weary of old ways.  Too many of us ready to change, to be different, to be better.  A subconscious decision has been made.  The power of an idea this pervasive can’t be denied.  Not when it sits in the minds of so many.  So this seed is going to grow.  It’s going to be fed, ever so slowly, by our love, compassion, hope and determination.  And as that flower begins to bloom, we’re going to be looking up at it with sense of awe and wonder because our collective loving green thumb brought it into being.

Welcome to the New Age, folks.  I’m so happy to be here!

Oh, but just in case the world does suddenly explode or my brain is eaten by zombies, my last act as a living human being will be to smile because I know I have lived my last moments in this beautiful idea.  Even that’s enough for me.

Now, let’s get crackin’!


Love Knows No Differences

A child and a dog.  It’s a touching image known to poets and painters.  It evokes something in us.  It’s the bond beyond boundaries.  This video shows the love between this beautiful child and a dog that transcends handicap, species and age. It’s a heart warming reminder of the simple goodness inherent in life at any moment.

Happy Holidays.

We Need to Let This Hurt: The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting


The tragedy on December 14th of 20 small children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and 7 adults losing their lives during a time of anticipation and hope has brought people to their knees.  No matter how you turn this, no sense is to be made of the killing.  Especially of little children.  Little children full of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.  It hurts.

Unfortunately, as I watched the story unfold, I noticed the frenzy begin to build.  Reporters immediately began speculating and sensationalizing.  It was repulsive.  It didn’t take long for the wheels of political agenda to begin turning.  And I turned the tv off.

Today the television and internet are covered with murmurs from people searching for answers and placing blame.  I think this is a typical human response to the unfathomable.  A way of trying to find a floor under your feet again when the floor has been ripped away. We are frantic for answers.  Frantic for a solution. I was guilty of it myself until I asked one question:

What is needed to wake humanity up?

The answer was loud and clear.  We need to grieve.  This is not the time for agendas and mud-slinging.  This is not the time to become intellectual.  We need to sit quietly and feel how much this hurts us all.  We need to feel what it is to be human and to be frail.  We need to let this become real.

It is real.  These weren’t fantasy people in some far off land who seem nothing more than images on a tv screen.  These felt like family members.  We all felt it.  They ARE family.  We are all family on this planet.  And it hurts.  Grieve.

Now imagine all those innocent people throughout history, and every day, who lose their lives to senseless violence and war, to untreated disease, to starvation and exposure.  It’s no different.  They too are family.  And it hurts.  Grieve.

Feel the human condition no matter how uncomfortable.  It’s time to stop avoiding it.

But we recoil.  We don’t like emotional pain.  We’ve become very good at the art of distracting ourselves from it.  It’s so easy to redirect the pain from the warmth of the heart into the cold territory of the head where we don’t feel anything.  And that is why empathy is lost.  Grieve.

Let our pain, for once, become conscious.  Conscious hurt leads to conscious solutions.  Pain that’s avoided or resisted still exists but it becomes subconscious.  It’s that subconscious pain that causes us to pick and choose agendas and to be emotionally manipulated by those with agendas.  Now is not the time to go back to sleep.  Wake up and grieve.

We need to let this hurt.  We need to feel it.  We need to become human beings again.  The senseless inhumanity needs to stop.  I could probably sit and wax intellectually about this for another 1,000 words but there is no point.  It just hurts.  There is nothing more important than this.  FEEL IT.  Please.  Only then will the real answers be clear.  Let the heart guide us to the proper agendas this time.  Let’s CHANGE.  Let’s become human.  Grieve.  That is the flame of love.  Let it light the way to a truth that will guide us to a better tomorrow.

Hold my hand and we can bear this as one.  Don’t let the deaths of these children be meaningless.  Let the light of their souls lead us into meaningful change.

If you agree with me, please pass this on.

A Welcome Home


When the mind stops there is not only nothing.  There is everything.  Both and neither dancing in silence.  A great flower blooms drawing nectar from the heart and spreads its fragrance without restraint.  The Universe opens itself, ready to fall in love all over again.  Welcome home.


(Written spontaneously at 22:22 on 12-12-12.)