We Need to Let This Hurt: The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting


The tragedy on December 14th of 20 small children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and 7 adults losing their lives during a time of anticipation and hope has brought people to their knees.  No matter how you turn this, no sense is to be made of the killing.  Especially of little children.  Little children full of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.  It hurts.

Unfortunately, as I watched the story unfold, I noticed the frenzy begin to build.  Reporters immediately began speculating and sensationalizing.  It was repulsive.  It didn’t take long for the wheels of political agenda to begin turning.  And I turned the tv off.

Today the television and internet are covered with murmurs from people searching for answers and placing blame.  I think this is a typical human response to the unfathomable.  A way of trying to find a floor under your feet again when the floor has been ripped away. We are frantic for answers.  Frantic for a solution. I was guilty of it myself until I asked one question:

What is needed to wake humanity up?

The answer was loud and clear.  We need to grieve.  This is not the time for agendas and mud-slinging.  This is not the time to become intellectual.  We need to sit quietly and feel how much this hurts us all.  We need to feel what it is to be human and to be frail.  We need to let this become real.

It is real.  These weren’t fantasy people in some far off land who seem nothing more than images on a tv screen.  These felt like family members.  We all felt it.  They ARE family.  We are all family on this planet.  And it hurts.  Grieve.

Now imagine all those innocent people throughout history, and every day, who lose their lives to senseless violence and war, to untreated disease, to starvation and exposure.  It’s no different.  They too are family.  And it hurts.  Grieve.

Feel the human condition no matter how uncomfortable.  It’s time to stop avoiding it.

But we recoil.  We don’t like emotional pain.  We’ve become very good at the art of distracting ourselves from it.  It’s so easy to redirect the pain from the warmth of the heart into the cold territory of the head where we don’t feel anything.  And that is why empathy is lost.  Grieve.

Let our pain, for once, become conscious.  Conscious hurt leads to conscious solutions.  Pain that’s avoided or resisted still exists but it becomes subconscious.  It’s that subconscious pain that causes us to pick and choose agendas and to be emotionally manipulated by those with agendas.  Now is not the time to go back to sleep.  Wake up and grieve.

We need to let this hurt.  We need to feel it.  We need to become human beings again.  The senseless inhumanity needs to stop.  I could probably sit and wax intellectually about this for another 1,000 words but there is no point.  It just hurts.  There is nothing more important than this.  FEEL IT.  Please.  Only then will the real answers be clear.  Let the heart guide us to the proper agendas this time.  Let’s CHANGE.  Let’s become human.  Grieve.  That is the flame of love.  Let it light the way to a truth that will guide us to a better tomorrow.

Hold my hand and we can bear this as one.  Don’t let the deaths of these children be meaningless.  Let the light of their souls lead us into meaningful change.

If you agree with me, please pass this on.


6 thoughts on “We Need to Let This Hurt: The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

  1. Isaiah 57:1-2
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
    1 The righteous person perishes,
    and nobody gives it a thought.
    Godly men are taken away,
    and no one understands
    that the righteous person is taken away
    from the evil yet to come.
    2 Yes, those who live uprightly
    will have peace as they rest on their couches.

    Children are in 99.9999999999999% of all cases righteous. I cannot imagine any of these children who are now not in the arms of Jesus. It is we adults who have reached the age of accountability, who know right from wrong, who need to consider well the consequences of our sins and faithlessness before God.

  2. We do need to grieve. Not only for this but for these acts of violence throughout our planet that happen daily (Syria and elsewhere). If you really allow yourself to grief to your core, you can truly go inward, and hopefully awaken!! It is definitely time to WAKE UP to the realization we are all one.

  3. YES I agree that we have become robot like, and incident like this comes to look what we have become, one man said when you feel to cry ,just do it, dont feel what people may say see how old and is crying, if you will not cy, any part of your body will be crying in its own way.

  4. We’ve become a world of people afraid to feel. As you said, Sarfaz, to cry is seen as a weakness. I think it takes real strength to allow yourself to feel the emotion, and then if needed to cry. Tears are a gift of love expressed.

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