Peace on Earth, Good Will to Mankind: The Hush

I originally posted this a year ago and it ended up being one of my most popular posts.  Because it seemed to touch people I’m going to post it again with my peaceful and happy holiday wishes to you.


Now has come the time for the brief hush that falls over much of the world.  It may not be anything you hear with your ears or see with your eyes.  It’s easy to become lost in the twinkling of lights, the rustling of colorful paper and expectant laughter of children.  But there is a moment that comes — the hush — and in that brief moment we are each given a glimpse of true peace.

It may come in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and the snow is silently falling.  It may happen in the glimpse of golden sunlight through frost-laced window panes.  It can ride on a puff of frozen breath or the warm remembering of a holiday past.  But it’s there — for all of us.

A hush.  A sacred moment.  A sudden silence that envelopes you so deeply you become unaware of anything but that moment; that feeling.  Like a sudden snow fall, it blankets you with the depth of ages as if all such moments past are present and being experienced once again; the breaths of eons held in awe.  Heart touching hearts, mind still as frozen water, you sigh in that moment filled with a peacefulness and understanding unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced; until it comes again next year.

This is the Gift of all gifts.  This is the gift of momentary grace, given to you without expectation.  This is the Touch of True Love.  In that moment, that hush, mankind becomes one and experiences that reality with such humble innocence it can only be held no longer than a breath.

You may not have been aware of the hush in the past, but it’s been there.  It will come again like an unexpected snowflake drifting so softly and gracefully you can’t help but pause to examine it’s exquisiteness.  Watch for it, be in it, and know that in that moment when the hush falls there is true Peace on Earth and Good Will to Mankind.

Happiest of Holiday Hushes to you and yours.


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