A New Blog: Soul Bulbs

soul badge

I’m spinning off a new 365-blog called Soul Bulbs.

Soul Bulbs is dedicated to illuminating what’s good and right in the world.  The hope is to create a new habit of hopeful, creative and positive thinking that will illumine a better world.  As each bulb casts its warm glow, and the dark becomes a little brighter, the idea grows.

Feel free to follow Soul Bulbs if you’d like to see inspirations, stories about random acts of kindness, uplifting videos, cute images, innovators and little celebrations of what’s good in life.

Even better, would you like to be a Soul Bulb?  Submission and guest blogging is absolutely welcomed and encouraged.  For more information, Be a Soul Bulb.  You’ll receive recognition on the Soul Bulbs page and if you’re a blogger you can also display a badge on your blog.

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