“If You are Empty…” — Osho

Buddha says sammasamadhi is aloneness. The right meditation is to be so utterly alone that you are one with the all. Let me explain it to you. If you are empty your boundaries disappear because emptiness can have no boundaries. Emptiness can only be infinite. Emptiness cannot have any weight, emptiness cannot have any color, emptiness cannot have any name, emptiness cannot have any form. When you are empty, how will you divide yourself from others? – because you don’t have any color, you don’t have any name, you don’t have any form, you don’t have any boundaries. How are you going to make distinctions? When you are empty you are one with all. You have melted into existence, existence has merged with you.”


7 thoughts on ““If You are Empty…” — Osho

    • Osho is one of many masters who state(d) that true meditation is a constant state of being but it definitely takes time and a little effort to shift out of our attachment to our thoughts. It’s a worthy thing though!

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