Clay Mask by Jim Heinlein

Clay Mask by Jim Heinlein

Personal labels have become a great source of disinterest for me.  It used to be I was greatly curious about labels.  I loved to try them on myself, like a new outfit, to see how they suited me.

“I’m a writer.”     “I’m spiritual.”     “I’m a healer.”     “I’m a poet.”

Sometimes they fit for awhile.  Sometimes I found them quite becoming.  Other times they got kicked under the bed quickly.  I was equally curious about the labels other people chose to wear.  I thought this told me a great deal about them.  But I realized labels are a deflection from that reality.  A label, for me, has become nothing more than clay smeared over who I really am in order to appear as something else.

The clay is dissolving.  I am not these things.  I only am.

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