Stop and THINK: I Am Not Just a Woman


VESPERTINA by Greg Spalenka

I am not “just a woman”.  I am no more and no less a human being than a man.  My gender, my genitalia have nothing to do with the quality of my mind, my heart, or my soul.  Yet the societies I’ve lived in insist because of these things I am somehow less.

I know who I am.  I am That Which Is manifested in a body.  I am the same “That” which you are beneath and beyond the fabric of this body.  That which is the True Reality, that which is honored as the most sacred, the One.  The only thing that separates any of us is mere thought.  Just a thought.  Nothing more.  Yet some of these thoughts have caused more destruction than any weapon or any war because this thought is a time-honored lie:  a woman is less than a man.

This is because mankind is taught not how to think, rather taught thoughts to think.  These thoughts become repeated from generation to generation, without contemplation, and recited as absolute truths.  Many of them, such as this thought, are reinforced by holy men, governments, educational institutions, families and peers.  This is programming.  This is not truth.

A woman, a female human being, is only less-than a man because she’s been programmed to believe it.  Thankfully, historically, many woman have refused to buy into this lie and have contributed much to humankind.  Many more simply follow the customs.  So many more minds left stuffed in a cage because they are “less-than’s”.  How simply sad and wasteful.

To be viewed this way by others, as this “less-than”, is painful and it’s aggravating.  It can be debilitating.  But, the centuries of programming won’t change easily.  All we can do as women is be authentic and not fall victim to this mind-numbing lie that has been programmed into humanity.  We are not objects, we are not property, we are not less than anyone else unless we choose to agree.  We are not the source of all evil.  True evil lies between the ears not within a chromosome.

Stop and THINK.  I implore you.  As a woman, stop and THINK before you begin to define yourself as a “less-than”.  As a man, stop and THINK before you define a woman as something less than you are.  Just STOP.  And THINK.

And when you do, ask yourself how many more perspectives you hold are nothing more than thoughts you were taught.  How many more destructive lies do you believe that keep you and society repressed?

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