Beliefs Will Always Clash: Release Them


The reason why people with differing beliefs tend to clash is this:  a belief is not Knowing.  Belief is intellectual and is the creation of your own ego regardless of how you arrived at it.  Nothing will defend itself to the death like the ego-mind, so it will raise up in defense of itself.  Examine a belief and accept the truth it brings you to, then release it.  The truth alone will remain and has no need to be defended.  It stands alone without effort.

1 thought on “Beliefs Will Always Clash: Release Them

  1. Pivot tables are great data management tools, and knowing how to create and use
    them makes you a more desirable employee. Look within and ask from
    your heart what role you played in creating a specific experience.
    You are firing on all cylinders and tapped in to your Higher Self, Inner Being
    or what I playfully call the Wizard Within – the voice of your intuition, truth and authenticity.

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