Forever in a Grain of Salt

“How big is forever?”  Emily asked.

“Forever is as big as Always,” smiled her mother.

Emily frowned.  “I mean, how BIG is it?”

“Forever isn’t always big, Emily.  It can also be very tiny.”

Little Emily rested her chin on the table and fiddled with the salt shaker.  It fell over with a thunk and she sighed.

“I thought forever was big,” she insisted.

“Look,” said her mother sitting beside her, “see the salt that spilled?  It’s very tiny.”

“Salt isn’t Forever.”

“Are you sure?”

Emily squinted at it.

“Do you forget its flavor?”

“No,” said Emily and suddenly smiled.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

Tea with Sifu

The sifu sipped his tea.  His initiate watched the steam curl lazily up from the cup.

“Master?” the initiate asked, humbly.

The sifu set his tea cup down with deliberation.

“There are 3 states in this physical world, not two,” the sifu replied.


He raised his hand.

“We mistake this physical world as a duality. Action-reaction, black-white, good-evil.  These are active things.  They change.  There’s a third state that is missed.  Being.  Being is neutral.  It is the true nature of everything.  Without Being duality could not exist.”

The initiate blinked twice and the Master smiled around his cup.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

Moribund’s Demise

Moribund the Shadow Thing sat like a knot.  He was frustrated and frankly, not in a very good mood.

“You’re seriously not afraid of me?”

“Nope,” said the little girl, smiling up at him like an annoying little cherub.

“Not even a little?” he asked.


He deflated.  One last child to frighten and he would earn his Junior Demon status.  He summoned up a belly full of bile and made his most horrific face at her.

“I love you, Mr. Silly,” the girl giggled and hugged him tight.


And with that, Moribund disappeared into a puff of smoke.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

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Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

The Boy and The Moon

Again the boy sat, elbows on the sill, gazing at the moon.  The moon smiled down upon him as it always did.

“What’s your question tonight?” asked the moon.

“I see you in the sky but I too see you in the pond.  Which are you?”

“As the pond sees me, I’m in the sky.  As the sky sees me I’m in the pond.  I am both and I am neither.”

The boy blinked, confused.

“And,” the moon added, “as you see me, I’m in your eyes.”

The boy’s smile grew and his eyes shone.  The silent moon did too.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

The Sun and Moon

The sun opened his eyes and stretched his mighty arms with a yawn.  Awakened by the shy caress of the moon in her ritual passing, this morn he wanted to linger.

“My love, can you postpone your journey today for another hour or maybe two?” he asked.

The moon shined her pale face to him, questioningly.

“You know I can’t do that,” she smiled.  “All things require your punctuality, as they do mine.  And this you know just as you know I can never turn my face from you.”

He sighed.  He did.

She always had a way with words.

 MS Word total word count:  100


This story is my first attempt at participating in a Friday blogging game called “Drabbling.”  The rules are simple.  You must write a complete story of exactly 100 words.

Drabbling is the brainchild of Lenore who authors the blog Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly.  As a writer, it’s an excellent exercise.  It’s a challenge!  I was invited to participate by Arindam of Being Arindam...

You’re welcome to join in the fun too if you’d like.  Just enter the tag  “Friday Drabble” in your tag line and use the hashtag #fridaydrabble on Twitter and post your entry on a Friday.  Thanks, Arindam and Lenore!

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