The Illumination of Fear


Fear is the total illumination of the *I* or echoic self.  Fear is the reaction of its nakedness and its frailty.  Fear is the moment the *I* is fully disclosed.  Find the presence to realize it, in that moment, and the *I* becomes as false as the fear.  Both are not actualities, both are created by nothing more fictitious than thoughts.  Turn to that which observes the fear, the nakedness of the *I*, and they dissolve.  When that happens, you are free to live life fully.

Empty Balloons

How many of the thoughts you have are thought simply because you think you’re supposed to think them?

How many beliefs do you believe simply because you think you’re supposed to believe what you do?

These are just empty balloons bobbling around inside your head and obscuring the thoughts behind which is more clarity.  Release them.

Are You Breathing?

Have you ever noticed how many times during the day you are actually holding your breath?  If not, take a deep breath right now and feel how it replenishes.  Did it feel like gulping water after a dry thirst?  When we get wrapped up in our thoughts, particularly those that produce tension, we tend to diminish and even hold our breath.  That not only cuts us off from vital life source, but from our own being.  Take several pauses during the day to just take a nice deep relaxing breath that pulls you back into the moment; into the NOW…  and breathe!

Picture courtesy of tarotandsuch.