Birds Present Musician With a New Look at Birdsong

I just read an amazing post on the blog Dear Kitty. Some Blog.  The blog post entitled “Music inspired by birds on wires” is about Jarbas Agnelli, musician, and a unique musical interpretation. You can follow that link directly to Dear Kitty’s blog and post where the story appears in full.

Being a birdwatcher and a bird lover, I found the title immediately intriguing.  What I discovered is that Jarbas Agnelli did a very remarkable thing.  He’s taken a unique perspective of something most would pass off as mundane and meaningless and uncovered a secret hidden in plain sight.  After seeing in a newspaper a photograph of birds sitting on electrical wires (below), he was inspired to translate their positions on the wire into musical notes.  A musical score was then produced without any changes being made to the original positions of the birds.  Here’s the video he made showing the original picture as well as the amazing musical score hidden within it.

Click here for video.

Birds on Wire by Jarbas Agnelli

Please do visit Dear Kitty. Some Blog’s blog.