The Thank You Award… A Million Thanks!



Dear Kitty.  Some Blog has been so kind to nominate Moonlightened Way for the Thank You Award.

It’s such a delight to be appreciated!  So a million thank-you’s back to you!

The rules of this award are:

1. As usually a big thank you and a link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Mention 5 things you would like to do with your life, no matter how mad or tame.

3. Nominate six bloggers, link to them and say why they have left their mark on you. Hence the name “The Thank You Award”.

4. Let them know.


Five Things I Would Like to Do:

1)  Inspire someone.

2)  Finish and publish at least one novel.  (I have drafts, but… meh.)

3)  To know that I’ve in some way made a difference for the better in this world.

4)  Make friends with my own mind.

5)  Visit Ramana Maharshi’s ashram.

The Blogs I Nominate:

The Bard on the Hill – Dennis’s blog has led me to some of the most beautiful poetry in which I find my own inspirations.

Known is a Drop, Unknown is an Ocean – I enjoy the like-mindedness of this spiritual blog.  A wonderful source of information and inspiration.

Joy in the Moments – Charissa’s blog has been an inspiration to me as a writer.  It was because of Charissa that I pursued my first self-publishing venture!  Her blog is both informative and whimsical.

I realize this list is truncated but I haven’t been devoting as much time to blogging and I’m a little behind.

Thank you again and thank you to WordPress.

A New Blog: Soul Bulbs

soul badge

I’m spinning off a new 365-blog called Soul Bulbs.

Soul Bulbs is dedicated to illuminating what’s good and right in the world.  The hope is to create a new habit of hopeful, creative and positive thinking that will illumine a better world.  As each bulb casts its warm glow, and the dark becomes a little brighter, the idea grows.

Feel free to follow Soul Bulbs if you’d like to see inspirations, stories about random acts of kindness, uplifting videos, cute images, innovators and little celebrations of what’s good in life.

Even better, would you like to be a Soul Bulb?  Submission and guest blogging is absolutely welcomed and encouraged.  For more information, Be a Soul Bulb.  You’ll receive recognition on the Soul Bulbs page and if you’re a blogger you can also display a badge on your blog.

Inspiring Blog Award: Thank You!



I’m delighted and humbled to have been awarded the Inspiring Blog Award by Ganesh of Known is a Drop, Unknown is an Ocean which is an amazing blog.  If you haven’t read it, drop in.  Thank you, Ganesh I’m really honored.    To inspire others is the driving force behind my writing and what keeps me striving every day to improve, so this is very timely.

One of the conditions of this award is to share 7 things about yourself, so my 7 things are:

1. Favorite Color? Lavender
2. Favorite Drink? Mango juice
3. Passion? Self Realization and creativity
4. Facebook or Twitter? WordPress
5. Favorite number? 13
6. Favorite Movies? Pride and Prejudice, Wizard of OZ, anything with Charlie Chaplin
7. Favorite flower? Lavender

Blogs I recommend for Inspiring Blog Award are

The Mystical Path

Linda Willows

Joy in the Moments

Francine in Retirement

You Create Your Own Universe as You Go Along


Life Just Is

Stories and Truth

Congratulations to those who’ve had this award passed to them.  They deserve it.  Please do give their blogs a visit.  And thank you again, Ganesh, for your thoughtfulness in passing it to me.  It’s recognition like this that keeps me going.

One Lovely Blog Award and a Heartfelt Thank You

I’ve been so fortunate to be blessed with appreciative readers.  I’ve been nominated for two more Versatile Blogger Awards and one One Lovely Blog Award.  I have been very slow in posting my gratitude for these nominations and for that I have to apologize to the nominators.  Our less-than-lovely internet has been less than cooperative and is an on-going repair in progress.  It makes the necessary clicking and posting to respond to these awards extremely difficult to downright impossible.  So again, I apologize for not giving due recognition in a timely manner and I hope you will forgive me.  It’s somewhat cooperative tonight so I’m going to respond to at least one of these tonight.

I have to give a warm and hug and deep thank you to Michele of Words of Compassion, Creativity & Knowledge for passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to me.  If you’ve not visited Michele’s blog, please do.  She’s a soulful and graceful spirit who has opened her life and her journey to include anyone who wishes to share it with her.  Her words are heartfelt, sincere and moving and I’m deeply honored that she’s chosen MoonLightened Way as one of her nominees.  Thank you so much, Michele!

Now, in keeping with the rules of the One Lovely Blog, here is what I have to :

  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
  2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.
  3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
  4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
  5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions: 

1. What is your favorite colour?
Blue, lavender, green, blush…  I can’t settle on just one!

2. What is your favorite animal?
I love animals.  I guess if I have to choose a companion animal it would be a dog or a horse.

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Mango shakes

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

5. What is your favorite pattern?
Anything natural and calming.

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
Both!  (You can see I’m not good at committing to just one thing…)

7. What is your favorite number?

8. What is your favorite day of the week?

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. What’s your passion?
Writing.  Meditation.  Self realization. Cooking.  Oh, and sleeping.

The blogs I’d like to pass this award on to are:

Heartwinds by Linda Willows – Linda’s blog is simply an inspirational work of art.

Allaboutlemon – There is always something intriguing and interesting going on in this blog.  It’s refreshing and always different, like a multi-dimensional vacation.

Namaste Consulting, Inc. – This blog is like a spiritual spa treatment for the soul.

If you’ve already received this award, just know I think you’re deserving of another one!  And thanks again so much, Michele.  Your recognition is very deeply appreciated.

Make Leap Year Blogging History Today!

This goes out not only to my fellow bloggers, but to anyone out there who wishes to contribute to a very special commemoration to this Leap Year 2012. is a special blog created to carry this Leap Year into internet history.

What is

As per their website:

The aim of this project is simple – Stripped down blogging to its simplest form to record one special day in time across the globe. As soon as the first country’s time zone enters this blog will be open to posts.

It’s simple.  All you need to do is complete a simple form, click “submit” and you’re part of it!  According to David Mitchell, Head Master at Heathfield Primary School in Bolton in the Northwest of England and creator of the project: is special because it is a stripped down version of blogging where people can post and leave an imprint in history with just one click. With help from the guys at this blog is here to capture posts from around the world on this extra day.

Originally aimed at students to familiarize them with a real live reading audience, this blog is open to people from all walks of life of all ages.  Please visit and leave your special blog post.  Also be sure to comment on others.  It’s a great way to connect and share.

Happy Leap Year 2012!