Clowns and Shadows…and Herp

Moribund The Shadow Thing made his way, slithering from shadow to shadow among the clowns in the little room.  Their bawdiness was quieted by moonlight to blues and blacks.  This was his realm.  He grinned.

Closer to the sleeping child he crept.  The foolish clowns held their breath, waiting for the scream to shatter the night.  He leaned closer…

Light exploded into the room.  Gaudy colors shrieked through his brain and then all went dark.  Blinded.

“Herp, for Pete’s sake!” he hissed at the clueless dwarf.

“But I turned it off!”

The clowns laughed harder and Herp ran.

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge. The prompt this week was “…but I turned it off…”

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Love Dies an Ugly Death Under the Sink

Glenda Gloop, the Under the Sink Thing, rolled her one bulbous eye at Moribund the Shadow Thing.  She flutter-lashed and his belly trembled.

“You’re looking very… erm… gloppish today, Glenda.”

She giggled a drain-water gurgle.  Moribund fidgeted.  His valentine was being ignored after all he’d gone through.  He poked the box closer with a shadowy toe, hopeful.

To his horror, she yawned and began to snore.  He deflated like a punctured tire and glared at the two dwarves.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Derp squealed.  Herp fainted.

Exasperated, Moribund crammed his gift into her guzzawing mouth and swore off love forever.

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge.  The prompt was “It wasn’t my fault.”

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