Beliefs Will Always Clash: Release Them


The reason why people with differing beliefs tend to clash is this:  a belief is not Knowing.  Belief is intellectual and is the creation of your own ego regardless of how you arrived at it.  Nothing will defend itself to the death like the ego-mind, so it will raise up in defense of itself.  Examine a belief and accept the truth it brings you to, then release it.  The truth alone will remain and has no need to be defended.  It stands alone without effort.

The Conversation


Baby 1: And you, you believe in life after birth?

Baby 2: Absolutely. It’s obvious that life after birth exist. We are here to become stronger and to get ready for Whatever awaits us next.

Baby 1: This is absurd. There is nothing after birth! What would life look like outside the womb?

Baby 2: Well, there are many stories about the other side. I’ve heard there is a blaze of light there, an intense and profound feeling of joy with deep emotions, thousands of things to live for… For example, I’ve heard that we’ll eat with our mouth, there.

Baby 1: That’s silly. We have an umbilical cord and that is how we eat. Everyone knows that we don’t use our mouth to eat! And, on the top of it, no one has ever come back from the other world… Those stories are all coming from naïve people. Life just ends at birth. Period. That’s the way it is and we must accept it.

Baby 2: Alright, then allow me to think differently. That’s for sure, I have no idea what life after birth looks like, and I can’t prove anything to you. But I like to believe, that in the next world, we’ll be able to see our mother and that she will take care of us.

Baby 1: “Mother”? You mean that you believe in ‘Mother’? Oh! So where is she?

Baby 2: Everywhere, don’t you see it! She is everywhere, all around us. We are part of her and it’s thanks to her that we are living right now. Without her, we wouldn’t be here.

Baby 1: This is ridiculous! I’ve never seen any mother so it’s obvious that she doesn’t exist.

Baby 2: I don’t agree, that’s your way of seeing things. Because sometimes when everything quiets down a little bit, we can hear her sing. We can feel her hugging our world. I’m pretty sure that our life will start after birth.

Author unknown

Too beautiful and thought-provoking not to share.  We can never know what awaits us after this life.  Our minds are too busy.  But in the stillness of the Heart the answer awaits, like the arms of an unseen mother.  Who knows how many layers of reality may await beyond the possibilities we perceive?

What World Do You Want to Live In?

Breath of Creation by Rassouli @


This week a global Decision Day was held on October 24th.  Yesterday.  All that was asked was that people make a conscious decision and commit to it.  The decision was what world you want to live in.  This may seem idealistic, but considering we spin the web of our realities by our own thoughts and perceptions, this is probably the most important decision you could ever make.  Some of us are aware enough to do this every day of our lives.  Most of us are not.

I was not.  But when I heard about this idea of “the decision” it struck me hard.  Why had I not done it?  I thought that I had but really all I did was stick my toe in the water.  I was wishy washy.  I put qualifiers on it.  I would decide to decide, but if the decision was too hard or too uncomfortable I left myself an out.  Yeah.  As cowardly as it sounds now, that hasn’t worked out well.  And no, I’m not surprised.  All I decided was to live in a wishy washy world.

But currents in my inner world, my “kingdom,” have been sweeping me along anyway.  Even when I decided to decide, wishy washy or not, I had decided.  It just took a little longer to arrive.  So, when confronted with the choice do I want to live in a world built on the expectations and directions of others or a different one I decided I want to live in MY world; and by “MY world” I mean a world based on my conscious and aware choices.

Some very interesting synchronicities carried me to this point.  In all honesty, I had forgotten about Decision Day and wasn’t even aware of the date yesterday.  Not consciously.  I just motored through my routine but when I had my free time I remembered a movie, Thrive, that was recommended to me.  The synopsis intrigued me:

“THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.”

Sounded like my kind of thing so I made myself some dinner and settled in to enjoy.  At this point I won’t say I endorse the film in its entirety.  If you’ve seen it, all I can say is I’ve had years experience working in two of the industries mentioned and I experienced exactly the things mentioned.  The rest I leave up to you.  Regardless, watching it will leave you changed.  It will make you think and most importantly it will make you question.  It will probably wake you up from a long comfortable slumber.  Honestly, it messed with me.  It messed with me in a big way.

I spent the rest of my evening in a kind of numb fog.  Then I fell very quiet.  It was a strange silence but I know now I was making my decision in the depth of that silence.  I don’t want to live in a world where I’m alive only to fulfil expectations of people I don’t know or will never meet.  I don’t want to live in a world only half alive never knowing who am I or what I want.  I don’t want to end my life with my only accomplishments being “I was a good worker drone” and “I fulfilled my obligations.”

I want to live in MY world.  I want to throw off the chains and climb out of the matrix.  I want to be awake and I want to make aware choices.  I want to be free of the agendas of others and free enough to question everything.  I want to build a world I want to wake to every day.  Yes, my decision is made.  I am awake.

What really is THE SHIFT and how do I shift into the 5th dimension?

“Now it is time to take back ownership of the center of your head.”

This is an amazing post that explains what seems to be a natural progression in consciousness awareness moving through humanity at this time. If you’re interested in this, you may enjoy reading this blog post from Aligning With Truth.

Aligning With Truth

Much has been written about the Shift, transformation, changes.  What is the Shift really?  And what do dimensions have to do with it?  Why should we be concerned about it?  Why bother learning it?

I came across this simple and basic, yet comprehensive explanation of what dimensions are.

I encourage you to read through it in order to help alleviate any fears or anxiety that have resulted from misinformation.  There are too much heavy, dense, misqualified energies pervading in our planet.  Let us not add any more to that.

Instead, let us help in transmuting them in order to create peace, balance, and harmony.

It’s a bit lengthy but it is well worth the read.

Blessings, love & light, namaste!

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The habit of thinking and feeling and behaving…

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The Trouble with Truth

Sometimes I struggle writing things for this blog.  Not because I don’t have ideas.  My head is always full of them.  The struggle comes in when I want to convey the Truth. I know I’ve written about this before, but Truth can’t be put into words.  Anyone who has experienced it knows words will always fail.  They unintentionally mislead.

All I can hope to do is provide the right words to piqué your curiosity; to guide you into the silent space between them.  In those spaces, those moments of pause, Truth is waiting for you.  It’s in those pauses that you experience it.  You may not always be aware of it because thoughts take over, and thoughts are noisy things.  It’s in the stillness of the Heart that Truth has its voice.  All it requires is your open awareness that it’s there.  You will find this is true of anything you’re reading or anything you’re listening to; that sudden feeling of “ah ha!”  You suddenly realize you’ve known it all along.

The Sea of Consciousness Experience

I see many talking about human beings as points of consciousness expressed in the physical world.  With this I agree, however I think it’s time for this statement to shed its myopic cocoon and spread its wings.  Yes, we are consciousness manifest in the physical realm of matter but in this we are not alone.  We are not the epicentre for this experience.  We are just one type of organism in a vast sea of stars and planets and any inherent life they may nurture.  We are just one of many forms consciousness experiences itself through.

We easily assume that other matter and organisms not possessing a human mind encased in a human brain can’t possibly experience consciousness or be self-aware.  The unspoken undercurrent being that we experience it in a superior way.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We simply experience our consciousness as human beings.  We are the center of our experience and from this vantage point all else rotates around us much like a sun nestled in its solar system.

Now consider other types of organisms, for example:  a dog.  A dog experiences consciousness as a dog and in its world it too is the center of all it experiences as a canine.  The same applies to a bird, a monkey, a butterfly, a fish, and so on.  We human beings are just something on their periphery if they have contact with us.  We are just a player on their stage as they are on ours.

We easily assume things like plants and rocks, rivers and clouds aren’t manifested consciousness because they have no brain.  They can’t think or feel.  However that doesn’t mean they don’t experience their existence on some level.  They may not be as complex an organism as we are but they too exist.  If you’ve ever held a stone in your hand and felt “something” you are experiencing the stone’s experience of its existence and most likely its experiencing of contact with you even if it’s merely through a subtle energetic exchange.  Imagine the experience of an entire planet teaming with a vast diversity of life forms such as ours.

Consciousness is the common denominator.  It’s that which experiences form.  This is the one thing that unifies existence.  So although the quote “we are consciousness experiencing itself” isn’t incorrect, it’s incomplete.

The Universe is consciousness experiencing itself through form and of this we are one tiny but necessary part.  Have you ever stopped to consider what role your own experiencing plays in the experience of this planet and all it contains?  It’s a sobering thought.

Alan Watts: This Is IT: Become What You Are

Alan Watts put forward a worldview, drawing on Hinduism, Chinese philosophy, pantheism, and modern science, in which he maintains that the whole universe consists of a cosmic self playing hide-and-seek (Lila), hiding from itself (Maya) by becoming all the living and non-living things in the universe, forgetting what it really is; the upshot being that we are all IT in disguise. In this worldview, Watts asserts that our conception of ourselves as an “ego in a bag of skin” is a myth; the entities we call the separate “things” are merely processes of the whole. You’re IT.

Forgiving — Because You Deserve It

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. — Unknown

When you are peaceful within, your world is peaceful regardless of how chaotic it may appear.  There is no need to give that peace away.  Not at any time for any reason.  Giving our inner peace away doesn’t resolve issues.  It doesn’t solve problems.  It creates the illusion of a problem and all the destructive thoughts and emotions that go with it.

Allow thoughts that grieve you to blow away on a breeze.  Be at peace.  That’s your True Nature..

Authenticity: A Lone Road

“You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.”  — Terence McKenna

What an amazing quote.  At first it seems circular and almost nonsensical, but as you let the words sink in, you realize they’re true.  I stumbled across this video on another blog, Our Pathway to the Truth, and ironically it touched on a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately; authenticity.

In the course of my evening I had posted a different quote that I found insightful elsewhere on the internet.  I was taken aback when several people chose to dismantle the credibility of the person who I was quoting as if this made the point of the statement have any less weight.  Regardless of who said the words, I found meaning in them.  My meaning.  Something spoke to me and it made sense.  What more than that is required?  I’ll tell you.  Nothing.

This is authenticity.  As Mr. McKenna said, your understanding is the only understanding that can and will ever be useful to you.  This is a responsibility and in my opinion, it’s the greatest one we have.  We’re bombarded constantly by external suggestions on how to think and demands for what to believe.  Tugging and pulling our mind this way and that, it’s no wonder folks end up confused, or even worse, unplugged.  You can’t have the same understanding as those who are pulling and tugging.  It’s just superficial mental manipulation.  What it’s not is authentic.

The short video clip I posted below is part of a powerful speech given by Mr. McKenna several years ago.  In it he suggests that to really understand what’s happening, ideologies have to be examined and often times discarded.  This made something in me shudder.  There are so many ideologies I know I carry because they’re adopted without authentic understanding.  Some of them I’ve grown very attached to.  It’s been a lifetime picking them up like pebbles on the road.

You must be willing to turn these pebbles over, examine them.  Some need to be dropped back to the dust.  Only those pebbles that make sense and have that perfect heft to them need to make it into your pocket.  Be willing to re-examine those when they no longer sit comfortably.  Ideologies that are adopted can only betray authenticity.  They will limit understanding.  They will bog you down.

Understanding isn’t a popularity contest.  It’s not a social club.  It’s a road that’s ultimately walked alone.  It’s your road and no one else’s.  This is the celebration of your uniqueness in a very large universe.

Give this short video a bit of your time and see if shakes something in you too.  If not, drop the pebble back to the dust for someone else to find.  It wasn’t yours to carry.