Where are You Going?

Where are you going?  The future is a destination you’ll never reach no matter how far you travel and how fair the weather.  The past is a place you can never return to no matter how sharp your memory and how accurate your map.  These are both illusory places; castles built of smoke on shifting sands in the windy lands of the mind.  So, where are you going?

There is only one destination and to reach it there is nowhere to go.  You have been there since the day of your birth and will remain until the end of your life, yet it’s a place rarely glimpsed.  In this Shambala, secrets are revealed in its pristine breezes.  Life is as effortless as the sunrise and sunset.  That’s if you can find it with nowhere to go.

This place is no secret.  You’re already there.  The destination you have to go nowhere to reach is this very moment.  There is nothing else.  You have had this moment your entire life.  What you are doing or experiencing in this moment may change, but the moment does not.  You and this moment are inseparable; one in the same.  Embrace this and freedom is yours.