Hard learned blogging lesson #1

Don’t post anything when you’re tired, no matter how convinced you are it’s utterly brilliant. I did this today.  If you visited and read “The Boy and the Moon” I encourage you to read it again.  I made a blaring error that left the little story making no sense at all.  It’s now been corrected.

So that being said, I will toddle off to my corner of shame, lesson learned.  Thank you for your patience.


4 thoughts on “Hard learned blogging lesson #1

  1. Sometimes my writing won’t let me sleep. I think I’d go days without eating or sleeping if I didn’t have other things to remind me. Now I understand why writers tend to be considered “quirky” and “weird.”

  2. Aww, don’t beat yourself up..we all make mistakes, i think you have said that to me before, lol. It’s a wonderful story, and I totally understand it!

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