6 thoughts on “A Thought on Thought…

    • Exactly. Shakespeare was so insightful when he wrote the immortal words “all the world’s a stage and we are merely players.” Every thought we attach to becomes our own personal “drama” that we act out in every moment. Awareness is the key and that takes time and perseverance to cultivate. However, it’s well worth it because it allows us to drop all those self destructive and negative thoughts that create the exact reality we don’t want! I love this journey!

      • I do too.
        I think I want to move to India or Bali!! Honestly, my husband is retired now and I want an adventure, I want to experience another country and culture….my spirit is so free I feel like taking flight!

      • I can tell you, moving into a new culture will shake you to your core no matter how ready you think you are for it. When I moved to India I sold everything that didn’t fit into two suitcases. I broke ties with a city I knew I’d never live in again. I had to leave family half a world away and knew I’d only see them once a year at best. You don’t even begin to realize all the attachments you carry with you until they’re left far behind. It was painful and sometimes I still grieve. However… !!!… It’s also very liberating and opens the doors to new insights into your self and others. So many of my American friends are caught up in the drama of “when are you going to wise up and come home?” They can’t seem to digest that I’m happy here even though it’s a “backwards third world country” (their sentiments, not mine). If you plan to move, I would recommend visiting first. If you already have friends in the country, try staying with them rather than as a tourist so you get a real feel for the place. That way if you make the decision and leap, you at least have some kind of an idea what you’re leaping into. It’s been a very valuable experience for me. And yes, there is just a certain “vibe” to India that gets into you.

    • You know, Linda. It’s interesting to me. I’m not well-read when it comes to many of these spiritual people yet time and again I stumble across quotes that echo my own thoughts and writings. I guess it’s a bit of a validation for me. I’m going to have to look into Mr. Katie. Thanks for reading!

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