Derp’s Dilemma

Derp and Herp the Dwarfs huddled under the woodpile.  Logs pressed on noggins but at least they could talk here.  Moribund the Shadow Thing was hunting for them.

“We’re out of time,” Derp spat.  “If we don’t have the gift by Wednesday he’ll fry our gizzards.”

“Has your nose gotten bigger?”  Herp leaned closer, examining with his good eye.

“Herp.  Focus.”

“It’s got sort of a knobby thingy.  Was that always there?”

Derp glared.  Herp stared back.  At least his good eye did.  The other wandered off in another direction.

“Idiot”, Derp sighed and poked Herp in the good eye.

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge.  The prompt was “Wednesday.”

Previous 100-word installments in the Moribund saga:

Please read.

Many of you know about the 100 Word Challenge that is run from It is the original 100 word project and is for children under 16. We desperately need some more folks to comment of these brilliant pieces of work. I would be really grateful if you could add a note and a link on your blogs to encourage your readers to get involved. Many thanks!

Some of us over-16 folks here on WordPress have decided to participate in this challenge as well.  Every week a prompt and deadline are posted here.  Your goal is create a 100-word story around that prompt suitable for a PG-13 audience.  Once your story is complete you can submit your weekly entry by clicking here.

This week’s prompt was “Wednesday”.

23 thoughts on “Derp’s Dilemma

  1. I loved your characters from last week and I love Derp and Herp just as much.
    Herp stared back. At least his good eye did. The other wandered off in another direction. – Hilarious!

  2. Sally-Jayne, I’m so grateful for the feedback. As the writer I see these things playing out in my mind, but then trying to tailor them into 100 words, sometimes I’m not sure if I lost the original scene. Thanks so much for reading. Much appreciated!

  3. What wonderful characters you have created. This is a joy to read, and leaves me wanting to see more of these dwarves, and other members of their world. Excellent writing.

    • I’m really happy to hear you enjoy them. I do too! I don’t want to necessarily use only this little world for my 100-word challenge, but every time I sit down to write there they are waiting. Thanks so much for reading!

    • Be careful what you wish for! *wiggles eyebrows* Thank you for your praise and I’m really glad you enjoyed. It’s so hard to cram these guys into just 100 words and let their characters shine. Thanks for reading!

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