Laughter is like a sudden summer rain.  It cools the ground, sweetens the air and replenishes all it touches.  Life will always be life regardless if you wear a worried frown or a glowing smile.  Laugh with the unbridled delight of a child and life will bloom.

No need to take life too seriously!

Be Aware, Don’t Compare

TIP:  Don’t compare yourself and your life and to anyone else.  You are beautifully, perfectly unique!  Celebrate!



Apples to oranges…  You’re hungry and some fresh delicious fruit sounds like the perfect fix, but which to choose?  That crisp crunch and sweet juiciness of a nice red apple is so tempting.  But then again, the cool citrus zing of a succulent sunny orange makes your mouth water too.  Which to choose?

This may not sound like much, but when we compare things in our mind we cause discordance and discomfort.  Now choosing fruit really isn’t that uncomfortable, but when we compare things we create a moment of unhappiness.  Imagine what we’re doing to ourselves with more important issues.

It’s a natural human tendency to compare.  Discernment is part of life.  But we do have a habit of comparing things unrealistically.  We compare our appearance, careers, families, intelligence, education, our homes, material possessions, finances, even our goals in life.  Remember when you entered into your adolescence?  We all inevitably compared ourselves.  Were we cool enough?  Pretty or handsome enough?  Was our clothing up to the latest fashion trend? Did we have the latest and greatest bauble or gadget?  If not, how to get it!  Ugh!  Those were uncomfortable, downright painful, years.  And we carry that habit into adulthood.

The honest truth is, we are incomparable   We’re unique.  Were individuals.  Imagine if all the flowers in a garden were exactly identical.  How boring and dimensionless would that garden be?  Would we want to relax there?  Would there be any beauty?

Break free from the need to compare yourself to anyone else and celebrate what makes you YOU.  Then you will bloom into the being you are and bliss is yours!  Oh, and don’t forget to go enjoy that apple… or orange.